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Day Two

Soaking in the morning light

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day One: The Beginning

Hello World Wide Web,
I'm starting this blog for myself. I realized tonight that, like most people, I have goals but they continue to go unfulfilled. I keep setting the same goals and I never seem to achieve them. The time has come, I'm working on my college degree and I don't have any goals yet fulfilled. I've decided I needed to start fulfilling my goals, tonight!
This blog is dedicated to fulfilling one of my photography goals.
I plan on posting one self-reflective photo a day. This goal is to get me to use my camera daily and I think this blog will help me be more creative as the year progresses. For the most part I do not plan on explaining my images. If I'm feeling extra creative I might right something to go along with them.

~ TK